The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi delivering the National Statement at the COP 26, in Glasgow on November 01, 2021.
(Photo Credit: Government of India)
Activists spell out #TaxTheRich at Grand Central Station in New York City on March 4, 2021. (Photo Credit: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Pro-democracy protesters hold up the three-finger salute during an anti-government rally in Bangkok.
(Photo Credit: Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo Credit: Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street)

Kurt Davis Jr.

Investor, Banker, Advisor, Writer / Speaker, Council on Foreign Relations, Chicago Booth MBA, UVA JD, Avid Traveler, Foodie, Politics Junkie & Closet Economist…

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